It is not only all the free time that the leaders put into the Scout Group that keeps things running - it is your subscriptions as well.

We have the running costs of the HQ and equipment / actiivties to fund and we also have to pay capitation for each scout in our group to the Scout Association for the support and resources they provide to us.  The monthly subscription covers most of the day to day activities, however weekend camps etc are extra due to the additional costs that we incur.

Below you will find the standing order subscription form (Microsoft Word and PDF) that we would ask that you fill in and return the top section to your bank and the bottom section (gift aid) back to us.

Thank you.

Download this file (SO1_Standing_Order_and_Gift_Aid.doc)SO1_Standing_Order_and_Gift_Aid.doc[ ]163 Kb
Download this file (SO1_Standing_Order_and_Gift_Aid.pdf)SO1_Standing_Order_and_Gift_Aid.pdf[ ]197 Kb